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MPG - 37 Years of gay and lesbian media & retail

Welcome to Millivres Prowler Group (MPG), founded in 1974, home of the Prowler Stores and one of the world’s leading and longest-established gay and lesbian businesses with a wealth of knowledge and experience of the gay and lesbian market . For over 30 years, Millivres Prowler Group has created high-quality media content that covers the whole spectrum of the gay and lesbian audience via multi-media channels. In addition, our retail and wholesale activities have attracted many high-profile leading brands, aiming to reach the gay and lesbian community in the UK.

Media & Retail Marketing – Media Marketing

Since 1974 we have focused on many areas of media, retail and e-commerce targeting the gay and lesbian consumer. As both the media and retail aspects of our business have expanded so too has our audience reach. We constantly research our audiences to deliver what our consumers really want.

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As MPG has the widest audience reach and multi-channel portfolio of all companies in the sector, we are in a unique position to offer market access and knowledge to help our business partners get the best from this market.

Businesses can benefit by reaching the market through a combination of advertising, sponsorship and product distribution via print, online, direct mail or in store promotions which can be brand or audience targeted or mass audience driven.

Targeted Media Advertising & Diversity Recruitment – Media Advertising

As a publishing company we aim to be as diverse in our content as we do our market reach. Our print and online publishing activities cover news, travel, music, film, lifestyle, property, financial advice, health and listings and diversity recruitment. Our retail and e-commerce offer a wide range of lifestyle and entertainment products specifically marketed to the gay and lesbian audience, via Prowler Stores, Prowler Direct, Diva Direct and Expectations.

Gay & Lesbian Publications

PinkPaper.com delivers high quality news, reviews and jobs to the gay and lesbian community, including a weekly enewsletter, Pink Paper Xtra.

Gay Times (GT) is the UK’s leading magazine aimed at gay men and is the market leader in advertising to this high earning and innovative audience.

DIVA is the only news stand magazine aimed at gay and bisexual women in the UK.
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