Millivres Prowler Announce new charity partnerships

In a new partnership which demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the community, the media and retail divisions of MPG are devoting special focus months to fundraise and raise awareness for six important charities.

Simon Topham, Managing Director of MPG commented “Millivres Prowler Group was born out of the gay liberation movement in the 70s and played a major role in raising awareness of HIV in the 80s and 90s. Our company has strong community bonds and we are keen to strengthen these even further. In the past we have been a principal donor to and sponsor of Stonewall, in addition to being a regular media sponsor and supporter of arts-based and Pride events”.

Focus months will comprise special fund-raising activities within the Prowler and Expectations stores, editorial and advertising features within GT (and in some cases DIVA), in addition to a range of other projects designed to raise the profile of all partners concerned. The schedule of the focus months is as follows:

Positive East
The Food Chain
National AIDS Trust

Mark Santos, Chief Executive of Positive East said:

‘Positive East is at the heart of the community of East London so to partner with a company with equally strong community bonds is just the perfect match for us. And it’s not just about money. A strong partnership has to benefit both organisations so we are delighted to be able to provide free HIV testing in Expectations. Can I thank MPG and say how very much we are looking forward to working together.’

Matthew Hodson, Chief Executive of GMFA commented:

“Each year thousands of UK gay men of all ages hear the devastating news that they have contracted HIV. Despite welcome improvements in the treatment of HIV there is no cure and living with the virus presents ongoing emotional and physical challenges. We’re thrilled to be working with MPG on this new initiative. Together we will raise awareness of the particular challenges of HIV in the 21st century and involve gay men in the delivery of new, frank and innovative campaigns to prevent new infections, improve gay men’s health and reduce the harms associated with HIV.”

Siobhán Lanigan, Chief Executive of the Food Chain said:

“This partnership is a chance for us to spread the word across the UK about the importance of good nutrition for people living with HIV. The gay community was at the very heart of The Food Chain when we began and that is still the case today in our 25th anniversary year. This is a great way to celebrate that contribution and we’re delighted to be working with MPG and the other charities.”

Simon Forrest, Chair of the Board of Trustees for AVERT commented:

“The provision of accurate, clear and evidence-based information about HIV & AIDS is still one of the most important components of HIV & AIDS work. Enabling people to make informed choices about their lives, empowering and supporting them to mobilise communities is demonstrably valuable and important in both prevention and provision of treatment and care. AVERT is proud and pleased to partner with MPG with its strong links and focus on community. We look forward to helping to spread further awareness of AVERT’s role and contribution and much more importantly, refocus hearts and minds on HIV prevention.”

Deborah Jack, Chief Executive of NAT said:

“We are really excited to be working in partnership with Millivres Prowler and, as a small charity, are really proud they chose us for this opportunity. World AIDS Day is on 1 December so we are particular pleased to see our dedicated month will be December due to the heightened interest in HIV around that time.”

Margaret Unwin, Chief Executive of PACE said:

‘Since 1985, PACE has worked with LGBT people to improve their mental health and well-being. We are delighted to be linking up with MPG on this exciting venture which will give us the opportunity on February 14th to focus the spotlight on healthy relationships. And it’s a real bonus to get to know the other charities in the partnership and ensure we work really collaboratively for the benefit of the LGBT community. Fantastic!’