Our Values

MPG’s founding principle is that gay men and lesbians should enjoy the same full human and civil rights as all sectors of the population, while respecting the rights and wellbeing of others.

All at MPG believe that we should be active in working with many community, charity and political groups, including being a principal sponsor of Stonewall between 2003 and 2006. We will always aim to work for Pride and Equality for our community and support other organisations that share our values.

Our core business principles are:

  • To anticipate, understand and meet our customers’ needs by offering the best quality and value products, services & care, so our customers are happy and not just satisfied.

  • To recruit, retain and develop staff through excellent management and to encourage pride, happiness and fun in the workplace.

  • To maximise profit in order to sustain growth for the long-term development and competitive strength of the company.

  • For every one of us to be progressive, visionary and creative leaders by anticipating and responding to the changing external environment.

  • To behave ethically by being professional, honest and fair and to act with integrity at all times in building close, secure and lasting relationships.

Millivres Prowler Group launch new partnership with important charities linked to the gay community

In a new partnership which demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the community, the media and retail divisions of MPG are devoting special focus months to fundraise and raise awareness for: AVERT, The Food Chain, GMFA, National AIDS Trust, PACE and Positive East.

Simon Topham, Managing Director of MPG commented “Millivres Prowler Group was born out of the gay liberation movement in the 70s and played a major role in raising awareness of HIV in the 80s and 90s. Our company has strong community bonds and we are keen to strengthen these even further. In the past we have been a principal donor to and sponsor of Stonewall, in addition to being a regular media sponsor and supporter of arts-based and Pride events”.

Focus months will comprise special fund-raising activities within the Prowler and Expectations stores, editorial and advertising features within GT (and in some cases DIVA), in addition to a range of other projects designed to raise the profile of all partners concerned. The schedule of the focus months is as follows:

For more on this announcement see our press release