Reaching The Gay Market

MPG’s print and digital publications, websites, apps and e-newsletters along with its retail stores are visited or read by well over 500,000 people at least once a month. If your business needs to reach this valuable market, we can offer a range of ways to successfully achieve this, either by advertising or sponsored features in a publications, e-newsletters or websites, or perhaps by selling your products via our stores or by having MPG distribute your products.

MPG offers reach of over half million readers, site visitors and customers per month but also depth with the long-established and trusted position of our brands in the lives of gay and lesbian consumers.

Because MPG has the widest audience reach and multi-channel portfolio of all companies in the sector we are in a unique position to offer market access and knowledge to help our business partners get the best from this market.

MPG through Gay Times (GT) and DIVA also have the fastest growing global gay social media channels to the market via Facebook and Twitter respectively. We also have more specific shopping customer reach via our retail brands.

We have just launched www:Spectrum - Europe's first LGBT network for advertisers.
If you would like to receive more information call 0207 7424 7444.