Sell Your Product

MPG can help you sell your products into the gay market either by featuring the products in our stores or, in certain cases, by acting as a distributor to other retailers serving our market.

Prowler Stores are stylish, modern ‘lifestyle’ stores devoted to giving gay consumers the very best in niche retailing. Beautifully designed, with big, open window displays and well-trained staff, these are destination stores with a worldwide reputation for cutting-edge gay retail.

Prowler has introduced a number of high-profile brands to the UK market. For instance, we are currently one of only two stockists in the UK of the AussieBum swim and underwear ranges, currently a ‘must-have’ brand for urban gay men. Similarly, brands such as Ginch Gonch and DT Jocks have benefited from well-thought-out marketing campaigns in partnership with MPG. DT Jocks, for instance, put its cutting-edge underwear lines in Prowler Stores, where window campaigns were carefully co-ordinated with off-the-page advertising in MPG publications and online sales and marketing via the ProwlerDirect website,

We are able to take an integrated approach to launching high-profile brands, using press, in-store merchandising, events, windows, online and data-capture activity. MPG is also the exclusive UK distributor of a small number of premium niche gay lifestyle brands, such as Bel Ami and Falcon. We can also offer our store suppliers discounted advertising across our network of media platforms.

We also offer instore and online market reach to women via and the fetish market via (see our contacts page).

For more information on retail and marketing opportunities, please contact:
Mark Phillips,

For distribution opportunities, please contact:
Simon Topham,