Spectrum Ads

A new and effective way to reach UK LGBT consumers

The SPECTRUM Ad Network enables businesses and brands to be able to communicate specifically to a diverse range of gay consumers via a whole platform basis or with some smart options for further segmentation.

Millivres Prowler Group (MPG) are owners of the leading media, retail and e-commerce brands reaching the gay & lesbian market across the UK and Europe and we are expert in understanding, servicing and reaching this high spending and innovative consumer market place and all its sub-sectors.

Bringing together our leading platforms, media sales resources and the other leaders from within our markets we are in a unique position to offer relevant, targeted and extensive coverage of this affluent and innovative consumer market place.

Benefit from the strengths of online display or our rich media options across a whole network of LGBT websites :-

• Online advertising can reach consumers at times and in places where they aren’t exposed to traditional marketing.
• Accuracy of targeting and the low media wastage make online advertising highly efficient.
• Campaign data can give you unprecedented insight into how your marketing performs. More information about your brand is only a click away.
• Cost-effective personalisation/segmentation allows for creative variety and exploitation of a naturally occurring economy of scale.
• Brand impact is intensified using rich media and video formats.

Please contact Keith McDonnell for more information about advertising on our network Keith.McDonnell@millivres.co.uk or if you have a website that generates good traffic and want to benefit from inclusion in our network call Kim Watson on 020 7424 7460.