Lesbian & Gay Market Insight

It is difficult to be specific about the exact size of the gay market, but it is generally accepted that between 6% and 10% of adults in the UK identify themselves as gay men or lesbians. This means the gay population is between 2.4 million and 4 million. In addition, recent research (OutNow Consulting Gay Times / DIVA, 2005) suggests that the income per head of gay men is £10,000 higher than the national average (£34,168).

Recent legal changes have created many new opportunities to reach the ‘pink pound’, including Civil Partnerships, Non-Discrimination in Goods & Services and Diversity Recruitment. Smart companies see gay people as a significant market and source of talent. Brands such as Boss, British Airways, Chanel, Ford, Mazda, Motorola, Nike, Nivea for Men, Puma, L’Oreal, Sky, Versace and Wimpey Homes have recently advertised with MPG publications and websites.