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DIVA wins important Magazine of The Year Award

In January 2014  DIVA was named National LGBT Magazine of the Year in the Co-operative Bank’s Respect ‘Loved by You’ Awards 2013.
The awards were an opportunity for people from all over the UK (anyone in the world could vote too) to vote for their favourites in 27 diverse categories. Categories ranged from ‘LGBT Charity of the Year’ to ‘Inclusive Event of the Year’ and the bank worked hard to ensure all areas of life and interests were covered in the categories, and to ensure they had a real community feel.
Since communicating the‘Respect ‘Loved by You’ Awards’ four weeks ago Co-operative Bank have been amazed by the positive response. The awards have generated lots of interest and 8,753 nominations were received and the awards have reached over 2.5 million people on Twitter with lots of support from community groups, celebrities and charities. The winners of the awards are those that received the most nominations.
Co-operative Bank Respect LGBT Network Steering Group believe the awards offer a rare opportunity for the smallest community groups and events to be celebrated alongside the biggest. “ We don’t think there are enough opportunities to celebrate the inspiring work and positive impact of more isolated and community based groups, events and initiatives. We can’t wait to announce our winners!” Co-Op Rescpect Co-Chair Thomas Anderson said.
DIVA Editor Jane Czyzselska’s reaction to this important win was “We’re absolutely thrilled and delighted to have won this coveted award. The fact that we were voted for by members of the public makes the prize even sweeter! Thank you!”

DIVA was launched in March 1994 and is Europe’s leading magazine and mail order business aimed at LGBT women.
Respect is the Co-Operative banks Diversity & Inclusion steering group

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